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Batteries or hydrogen

Many people are either in favour of or against driving on batteries or hydrogen. This preference is often based on simple considerations in favour of one or the other technology. Unfortunately, these considerations do not reflect the huge complexity behind this issue.
In practice, both technologies will play their part, whereby context will determine when which technology is preferred. In general, from the perspective of the vehicle, it can be stated that:

hydrogen is preferred.
From the perspective of the energy system it can be added that depending on:

the preference for hydrogen is further strengthened. 

The context is decisive

This means that no exact consideration can be provided between driving on batteries or hydrogen, but from the context it is possible to derive a direction, namely that hydrogen is preferred to batteries in case of commercial transport. From this it immediately follows that hydrogen should particularly be able to compete with diesel. 
More background for this topic can be found in the ‘wind to wheel (W2H2)’.

Batteries or hydrogen