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Objective of Duwaal

Duwaal is developing a green hydrogen economy in the North-West of the Netherlands. Duwaal was founded by a group of companies, including HYGRO, and is supported by New Energy Coalition and Development Company Noord-Holland Noord. Duwaal wants to jointly and simultaneously organise the hydrogen demand and supply in the North-West of the Netherlands. In the meantime, many parties have joined this initiative and progress is being made on the physical rollout of various sub-projects. 

Collaboration is necessary to prioritise the projects in such a way that they contribute to a fast break-through of the hydrogen economy. The activities are based on a shared vision concerning the eventual organisation of the hydrogen chain.

Duwaal presumes that, in addition to a good coordination, upscaling and volume are also important and that eventually, the same as with electricity and natural gas, a publicly available transport and distribution system will be created. 

The name Duwaal comes from the word dual. Essential for a smooth implementation is a “dual” creation of demand and supply and a stimulating framework. This approach prevents a chicken and egg deadlock that could stagnate all further developments. 

Project ‘from wind to wheel’ 

The first set of joint initiatives that is realised within Duwaal is the chain ‘from wind to wheel’:

By developing the chain simultaneously, a fair scale and volume is realised from the start, are the chances and characteristics that hydrogen offer, optimal used and is the ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma broken, making financing of the chain relatively simple. Subsequently future other hydrogen production projects (like for instance from biomass or solar), or other hydrogen supply projects join the integrated transport and distribution system and so profit of the scale and volume that will lower the costs further, just as long until a network of pipelines makes it redundant.

Details of the project:

The sustainable produced hydrogen will be used in fuel cell electric powered trucks. Apart from CO2 emissions, also sound, NOx and particulate matters are avoided. The project shows how the future energy structure can be formed.

The following organisations are participating in Duwaal:

Dirk Barten
Gemeente Alkmaar
GP Groot
New Energy Coalition
Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Noord-Holland Noord
Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland
TNO Innovation for life
Toyota Material Handling
Toyota Nederland