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Within HYGRO Energy we take care of the production and distribution of the sustainable hydrogen with the highest quality and as agreed upon. Thanks to HYGRO Technology we are able to offer high-quality hydrogen and is a reliable delivery default. Our employees are skilled to operate the turbines, pick-up the hydrogen and deliver it to the right customer. As we manage several locations via our interactive system, we are able to offer high-quality hydrogen at any moment. Our staff is used to optimise between buffer, wind market, hydrogen market, imbalance on the network, etc., and so making sure all parties can profit. Of course, is it possible to indicate whose hydrogen you would like to take off. Thanks to the network of Energy customers are matched to suppliers and are facilitated by HYGRO.

Filling stations

Regarding filling stations, it doesn’t matter what transport vehicle it is: a car, van, forklift truck, bus, train or even a ship, we gladly deliver the right applications and place a worthy alternative for diesel and petrol. HYGRO Energy has always plenty of affordable, sustainable hydrogen of the highest quality, ready at hand and if needed, we'll deliver (temporary) storage. We are particularly successful in the management and guarantee reliable and quality deliveries and operational systems with safety being given top priority.

How we operate

If you want to start producing, purchasing or delivering hydrogen, we’ll come by. This as the location is essential for the solution. Therefore, one of our operators will come by in an early stage. With the location in mind the best design and matching operational system is chosen.

When it concerns a wind farm we will look amongst others at:

In the end, the location is leading in the possibilities and what the best solution is.

Concerning a filling station we will look amongst others at:

Again, the location is leading for the design which we will make sure to be the most optimal, safe and efficient design.

Our staff has a proven track record in sustainable project development. Projects like the design of a new (offshore) wind farm with sustainable hydrogen production included, retrofit or repowering, as well as turbine selection, is something we can offer, as the technology in our solutions is autonomous.

HYGRO Energy


Are you interested in taking off sustainable hydrogen? Or supply it to your customers? Would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to call us to confer what we could do for you.