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Within Technology, we develop and supply integrated solutions, optimised to your situation. Every situation demands a specific solution that responds to the opportunities that are present on site. We then provide the best possible solution with the most efficient operational system, in order to produce and supply affordable and green hydrogen in a reliable and safe way.

Best operational system

Thanks to our exclusive partnerships, such as with Giner, we offer operational systems with the latest and best technology available. When it comes to design and execution we focus on quality, reliability, low down-time and high efficiency in order to achieve optimum life cycle costs for the entire system. In addition, most components are sustainable and recyclable and require little maintenance. 
When a turnkey solution has been supplied, the owner can choose to operate it himself or to outsource this to another party, such as HYGRO Energy. This is because within HYGRO Energy we also organised the sales of the produced hydrogen.

HYGRO Technology


Would you like to start producing sustainable hydrogen with your wind or solar farm? Or are you considering a new project? Or do you own a filling station or fleet where you would like hydrogen integrated? Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation and more information. 

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