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Chain Cooperation

More and more parties have adopted sustainable hydrogen as essential part in the energy transition. HYGRO notices two important developments:

  1. The integration of the production of hydrogen within the wind turbine offers advantages beyond the storage of sustainable electricity when there are strong winds;
  2. Driving a hydrogen fuelled car will be cheaper than a car powered by diesel, already in 2023.

By combining these two developments, supply and demand are developed at the same time. As with every energy carrier, coordination between the supply and demand is needed. Especially as it’s about hydrogen from wind energy and used as fuel in the transport sector. By coordinating the chain, to optimise and find and stimulate collaboration, from wind turbine to transport vehicle (from wind to wheel), are we capable of delivering affordable and sustainable hydrogen.

Hydrogen in the current chain

Just as oil, natural gas and electricity is a chain, hydrogen is also developing its own chain. The hydrogen chain will have strong links with these existing chains, especially in the beginning, but crosses the various chains. Hydrogen has specific characteristics which leads to a different chain than we are used to. Hydrogen creates new links. In daily life this can cause friction or even be unintentionally sabotaged by the existing structures. Therefore cooperation and coordination between public, semi-public bodies and private parties is key to make a smooth and rapid transition.

New chain

This new, necessary chain is still under construction. To speed up development, we focus on:


In an optimal chain various parties are involved and contribute towards optimisation. We stimulate this collaboration by connecting and linking all required parties. Parties like:

To stimulate the chain development, we take part in several initiatives. Initiatives like: the organisation of joint purchasing of hydrogen vehicles. 


Fleetcraft, MEP Energy and HYGRO joint forces in the Joint Venture MOBIHY. With MOBIHY we want to match demand and supply of hydrogen powered electrical vehicles with the concept of full operational lease, including the sustianable hydrogen. The first focus of MOBIHY is on the following vehicles: 

Please contact Willem Stehouwer on
+31(0) 315-236 296
for more information about MOBIHY.