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Our Vision

In 2023 hydrogen will be the unquestioned choice with respect to vehicles and applications now using diesel and a good alternative for natural gas in the built environment.

Our mission

We are committed to develop and manage the carbon-free hydrogen chain, so our vision is realised. We do this by cooperation, integration and optimisation, and so creating value for all stakeholders within the chain. This chain let's end-users experience hydrogen as sustainable, safe, of high quality, affordable and handy alternative.

Our activities  

HYGRO Energy makes sure that production, distribution and sales of the sustainable hydrogen is optimised for all parties within the chain, every day. Thanks to the turn-key solutions of HYGRO Technology that are managed within Energy, we are able to supply high quality hydrogen efficiently and tailor made, at the right moment to the right party. Our business units complement each other and strengthen on both sides the value for our customers.

We offer hydrogen converted directly from wind 

This is possible by using top class electrolysis technology and smart integration of this technology into wind turbines. And so, producing extremely efficiently top-class hydrogen. This remarkable result can be achieved with technology that already exists today and is applied in the project Wind-tot-Wiel. The use of this technology leads to far-reaching positive effects, economical as well as technological. Moreover, the integrated system is cheaper, more efficient and sturdier than separately.

Supply and demand

An optimum balance between supply and demand is needed for hydrogen, as well as it is with any energy carrier. Especially concerning hydrogen from wind energy and applied as fuel in vehicles. Our primary focus is the transport and built environment sector. The buffer that hydrogen offers is the connection between these two sectors. Thereby is hydrogen, directly converted out of wind energy, also the most efficient way to fuel your tank. Already today sustainable hydrogen can compete with hydrogen derived from the industry, when applied in transport vehicles and potentially competing with diesel in 2023.

You can read all about it in our position paper, as well as about the advantages of hydrogen converted directly from wind energy and how it will speed up the energy transition. 

Ready to roll

Fuel technology is coming of age

Finally, after the hydrogen hype beginning this century, it is clear how hydrogen really can enable a carbon free economy. The technology components have proven their reliability in many pilots and it is getting ready for mass-production. This will rapidly decrease cost to a level that can be cheaper than the internal combustion engine as power source, thus replacing oil as fuel. Meanwhile the breakthrough in cost of wind & solar energy combined with full integration of both technologies (wind/solar & electro-chemical conversion) will make hydrogen cheaper then oil & electricity. On the interplay of these two developments in demand and supply, hydrogen will arise as new value chain. Though accelerated by policies discouraging CO2-emissions, hydrogen will primarily breakthrough because it will be a cheaper and better alternative then oil. The Stone Age didn’t end because of a lack of stones.
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