Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

Vacancy Technical Consultant (Engineer)– Energy System Modelling/Consultancy

Are you ready to speed up this scale up? And by doing so, accelerating the energy transition with hydrogen as the primary energy carrier?

HYGRO’s mission is to develop, build and operate a sustainable supply chain with hydrogen as the primary energy carrier.
Our ambition is to become the market leader in the Netherlands as green hydrogen energy company with a focus on replacing diesel. By 2027 the ambition is to have a nationwide network of hydrogen production locations, hubs and satellite refuelling stations to supply at least hydrogen to a 1.000-truck equivalent.

We are a motivated, fun, and fast-growing company with now 12 FTE employed. You will be part of HYGRO’s technical team,which currently consists of one project manager, two mechanical engineers, one chemical engineer and an electrical engineer.

As a transport & infrastructure engineer, you will play a vital role in realising the ambition of HYGRO as described above. Since we are a small team and you’ll be working for a start-up, there is a big variety in the work activities; not a day will be the same. Having a flexible mindset and an eagerness to learn fast is essential. You will get the opportunity to learn a lot, and you’ll have the chance to help structure and grow the business. The primary focus is on helping develop a logistic software solution to determine when and where to pick up the hydrogen storage containers to optimise container usage and minimize the backhaul of hydrogen towards production locations. It also includes assessing new types of offtake locations with their own specific demand patterns and how these offtake locations will fit into the distribution strategy of HYGRO, together with assessing new approaches on hydrogen distribution by road or other means of transport if required. Adapting existing supply chain optimisation solutions and tailoring them to the HYGROs supply chain strategy needs.

Activities you could be working on are:

What we are looking for

Are you interested in this job opening? For more information about this job/HYGRO or the application procedure, you can contact: 

Artur Makhmutov
email amakhmutov@hy-gro.nl
phone +31 6 57 14 20 00
Mick Kooter

email mkooter@hy-gro.nl
phone +31 6 43 20 00 16.

To apply for this job, please send your motivation letter and CV to mkooter@hy-gro.nl

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Stay in touch and receive HYGRO updates via E-mail