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We’re involved in several projects whereby hydrogen from wind is used as well as other project developments. Typical projects that we carry out are: the design for a new (offshore) wind farm including hydrogen production, retrofit & repowering, but also selecting the turbine – our technology is turbine independently. We organise the distribution and sales of the sustainable hydrogen and possibly the joint purchasing of the vehicles, and so match supply and demand in one blow. This matching is key to keep the chain reliable and at the same time ensure profit for all parties involved.

HYGRO is one of the founders of ‘Duwaal’.  


Duwaal is a consortium working towards a green hydrogen economy in the Northwest of the Netherlands. It has been founded by a group of companies, amongst others HYGRO and is supported by Energy Valley and the development company Noord-Holland Noord. The aim of Duwaal is to organise the hydrogen demand and supply at the same time in the Northwest of the Netherlands. Already many parties have joined the initiative and are working together on the rollout of several projects contributing to a quick transition towards a green hydrogen economy.



Please do not hesitate to contact us to confer how we can join forces or any other questions.