Hydrogen as primary energy carrier


Are you interested in generating hydrogen directly from wind and/or solar energy? Your farm can be designed quite differently if it produces hydrogen instead of electricity.

As explained on our page, we can set up the design and approach for your project. The design of the wind farm as well as the turbine can be quite different when optimised for hydrogen production.

We also offer the service of being your co-developer. We will bring a new economic model to the table thanks to our in-depth knowledge of both the technology and the rules and regulations. Of course, this will also ensure the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen.

What we offer

We will determine what the possibilities for your location are. Based on our models and the specific data of your location, we will map those first possibilities, all in relation to the dimensions of the electrolyser:

What type of wind turbine is suitable? What is the ideal position (gps) for the wind turbine, taking into account wake effects? What are the options for solar integration? And what is the optimal grid connection? A model will be used to estimate the value of the hydrogen compared to the price of other energy carriers like oil, natural gas and electricity. With this knowledge, the project can be assessed and started; contacts with system suppliers, offtake partners etc. can be further worked out.

The process is different from the process for wind farms that used to transform wind energy into electricity. For example, with our solution your park will have a different design and will likely use a different turbine. Based on the local (wind) conditions, we will optimise the design so that it will supply the hydrogen at the lowest levelized cost possible.

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