Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

Green hydrogen

Are you interested in offering high-quality hydrogen to your customers?

We produce high-quality, affordable, green hydrogen converted directly from wind and/or solar energy. The integration of the electrolysis with the sustainable energy source, contributes to a significant decrease in the investment costs and operational costs of hydrogen production. This enables us to produce high-quality, green hydrogen with the lowest levelized cost.

Distribution service

We offer you a steady distribution service; you decide the amount of hydrogen you need, and we will make sure it is delivered at the right time, in the right amounts. For this service, you’ll lease our intelligent systems which ensure you will never be out of hydrogen.

No compressor necessary at your fuel station

As the hydrogen is compressed at our hub, no compressor is needed at your fuel station. This makes it less costly to offer hydrogen to your customers. It also means that the grid connection can be a lot smaller and is therefore cheaper.


It is easy to increase or decrease your capacity with our system. You can start with 40kg, which you can increase to a maximum of 6 times. Of course, more can be added, but at that point another satellite will be needed. It is also possible to have a different capacity during the week and weekend.

Your own containers

Would you prefer to visit our production location (hub) with your own containers to fill them up? That is of course an option as well. Our hub is equipped to fuel several types and sizes of containers.

Hub & Satellite

Our Hub & Satellite approach ensures the efficient production, distribution, and storage of hydrogen. This way maximal synergy and cost savings in the chain are obtained. We use storage as a pivot point, which optimises flexibility, logistics and the compression & filling of the stations. The more hub & satellites there are, the more synergy is created. Our first set-up of our hub & satellite approach is organised within the project Duwaal

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